Web Security

What is your organizations web policy for your team?
In August 2008 more malware threats were found in this month than in all of 2007.... and of those 1 in 5 was new and had never been detected before.
Do you have an appropriate use policy in place for your company?
Is your data and network really protected from the latest threats? 
Probably not, it's growing faster than you think.
In the past was only on bad sites like porn or gambling.  Today 70 percent of malware can be found on legitimante web sites. 
Malware, moves to quickly, it's always changing and moving quickly to avoide signature based detection.  Static webfiltering logs just can't stop 0 day malware threats.
Web Filtering versus Web Secuirty
Web Filtering
Size of the web was small 
Today up to half of the web is not categorized
Questions you should ask about web filtering and firewall appliances:
1) How quickly does the vendor identify infected sites?
2) What do they do with that infected site once they find it.
3) If it's a legitimate business site, do they quarantine the site until it's cleaned?
4) How do they know when it's cleaned?
5) How long does it take the vendor to update their database and get it to their customers?
6) How often do you have to update your your database / software to make sure you have the latest version?
7) Again, once the site is cleaned you have all the same questions on when and how will you know it's clean?
8) What about future comprimises of those web sites?
Keeping track of everything through web crawling takes weeks, you need inexpensive instantaneous threat protection.
You need a real time solution that sits between your company and the internet.