Terms of Use

  1. All applications, online services and software are those of companies like Google and are not the property of gAdviser.
  2. Data storage and security are the responsibility of Google or other suppliers.  Please see Google Site Terms and Google Applications Terms.  gAdviser and RAC Systems, Inc. are not responsible for the storage or security of your data and shall be held harmless in case of loss or breech.  If you are using an application or software provided by a different supplier, you should read their terms and conditions also.
  3. Google and our other suppliers may increase the cost of their services.  The cost of the price increase will be passed through to our customers or end user.  gAdviser and RAC Systems, Inc. shall be held harmless for these price increases.  If a user or company chooses not to pay the increased price, they understand that their User ID will be terminated and all data will be lost.
  4. All gAdviser application and services are third part.  Our suppliers may modify or delete any of their applications or features, again gAdviser and RAC Systems, Inc. shall be held harmless for any loss of functionality, features or data. 
  5. It is the User's responsibility to remove any data before their User ID is terminated and will have 15 days to do so upon notice of termination.
  6. Users understand that all web site information cannot be easily backed up or removed.  Each web site page will need to be individually copied to some type of word document like notepad.  Any gadget or linked document will not be functional on other sites other than the hosting companies site.