Jointly Managed SEO, Reduces SEO Pricing and Lowers Small Business SEO Costs

Hiring an SEO Consultant can be a very expensive undertaking for a small business trying to manage their SEO costs.  We have created a flexible SEO pricing strategy by sharing the SEO work with our small business partners.  With our normal SEO program, we do all the work in an expedited manner to drive new traffic to your website as quickly as possible.  The downside is this SEO Pricing model increases your initial SEO Costs to a level that's not affordable for most small businesses.

Reduce SEO Costs with gAdviser's Jointly Managed SEO Program

Reduce your SEO costs by sharing in the SEO work.  A gAdviser's SEO Consultant will coach and guide you and your team through the necessary steps to help you change your site for improved SEO ranking.

We'll set up a private website using our Google Apps Online Intranet  for us to share and collaborate information on your SEO project.  A Solo SEO project will also be created for us to jointly track, manage and report out on the status of your project.  Both of which are included in the SEO Pricing.

Your team can takes on as most of the detailed SEO such as; writing content, changing page structure and revising your on sight and off site linking.  Our priority will be to consult and coach your team, any unused monthly time will used to work on your sites SEO.

Small Business SEO Pricing starts at $280 per month and includes:

  • SEO Consulting, coaching or management work up to 5 hours per month.
  • You will have access to our Online SEO Tools which we use to jointly manage your project, project tasks and link building.  For your benefit, the SEO Tools also include SEO tips and help for new users.
  • gAdviser will also provide private Google Apps Internet site for collaboration and communication between our teams.
  • If your SEO work is not progressing fast enough, we can adjust our SEO Pricing by adding more SEO management time to help your team with their SEO goals.
If your looking for new traffic immediately, you can get Google Adwords Help to start a pay per click campaign today.

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