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Good or Bad Link Building Can Help or Kill Your Website

If you are creating a new website or trying to optimize your current site, link building is one of the most important elements in search engine rankings. The sites you are linking to can either make or break your website. It takes a great deal of “grunt” work to successfully build links of value. Farming out your link building to just anyone can be a dangerous proposition.

Knowing the Right Way to Link build Comes From Experience

A major objective of effective link building is to increase the page rank of your site and to finding relevant sites to offer as a resource to visitors to your website. The biggest mistake people make in link building is thinking that the quantity of links is the most important factor. This is absolutely incorrect, it's the quality of your links that make a difference.

You should link to sites that are complementary, but not competitive!  It is imperative that you stay away from bad sites like porn and gambling, search engines frown on them.  For example, if your website is about tennis, you should link to sites related to tennis such as instruction, equipment or tennis associations. If you link to Australian car rentals, poker sites and cheap airfare, you're defeating the purpose of linking.  Links from related websites carry more weight with the search engines.  It's obviously much more complicated, but this gives you a general idea.

Google developed link measurement as an indicator of search relevance setting them apart from other search engines.  They've also been able to take keyword relevance to a new level based on other page and site content.  The data roles up into Google’s unique Page Rank system which allows them to determine which pages users considered to be most valuable.  Google then gives these pages more “weight”, which are typically the pages with the best quality of incoming links that are pointing that page and site.

It's best if you can get links placed on .gov or .edu sites.  These kinds of sites are what's referred to as trusted authority sites and carry more link weighting.  Also get links on you local Chamber of Commerce, City and better business bureau.  Relevant links here will add to your link ratings.

Link building has evolved tremendously in the past few years requireing more time and energy to focus attention on building traffic to your site.  There are many new platforms and social networking sites you can incorporate into your website link building. Using social media websites, also referred to as Social Media Optimization (SMO), is very effective, we can help you build links on Digg, Blogoria, Facebook, MySpace, and Wikipedia.

Using social media is a quick and effective way to link build and promote online content.  Social network linking can provide a huge “jump start” to your website with an initial spike in traffic and a long-lasting bounce via referral visitors. Gaining links through social networks like blogs and portals is an approach that is very search engine friendly, but be carfule, it’s easy to become “spam” oriented with linking on social websites.

Link Analysis

Make use link analysis tools for competition and quality analysis.  There are tools available that can help to streamline many of the tedious and repetitive tasks associated with link building.  Other ones are great for marketing analysis.   A good example of one of these tools is an online customer survey.  These survey’s contain questions to help you discover where visitors go when they’re not on your website and what motivates them to buy when they visit your site.

Nothing beats good content to obtain good links so focus on good content.  We work with specialists who have been trained in content and link building to help with your site.

You should be very careful if you decide to outsource your link building.  Many link building companies are either using outdated methods, trying to cut corners, dishonest or all of the above.  Be careful off these promises; "We can procure hundreds of links for your website", you can be certain these are not quality links in good neighborhoods. “Link Farms” are also a problem. The reason for Google algorithm is to replace human editors with a mechanical process of using “spiders” to index and count millions of websites. Google considers paying link farms for links a violation of their terms and services and they may remove your website from their search index completely!

If you see your page ranking goiong down, you should probably check you links.  You may think reciprocal linking is working for you so here's a few pointers to look out for.  Make sure your agreed to links continue to be functional.  Three of the most common frauds are absent back links, hidden links and redirect script for back links.

The bottom line is, proper link building and monitoring should be a continued process at your small business.  Don’t hire just anyone to do your link building. Proper link building can generate huge rewards; improper link building can get your website banned from search engines. 

Leave your link building to the pros, give us a call today and will get our team of specialists working for you.

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