Yahoo Site Explorer Free Link Analysis Tool

SEO requires you to build links to your sites.  Yahoo Site Explorer is a free tool that quickly shows your competitors linked sites and number of pages on their sites. 

Yahoo Site Explorer uses the Yahoo! search database, which contains detailed information about web pages and the structure of web pages on that website.

You can use this Free Site Explorer to: 

  • Find which sites and subpages are indexed by Yahoo! Search!. 
  • Find pages that link to that site or any page. (inlinks) 
  • View the most popular pages from any site. 
  • Submit and track feeds for your sites. 
Yahoo Site Explorer can also be used as a free SEO tool to give your more detailed information about your site.  Once you authenticate that your are site owner, you can:
  • Find what subdomains of the site known to Yahoo!. 
  • See other information Yahoo! detects about your site, such as language. 
  • Delete URLs that you don't want indexed by Yahoo!.
Yahoo Site Explorer also lets you export the data in a tab-separated value (TSV) format.

Here's a link to the Free Yahoo Site Explorer