Free Seo Tools from Google

Although Google won't tell you the secret formula to their ever changing and improving search algorithm, they have put together several free SEO tools to help your websites search engine optimization.  Some of the tools are a part of a their other services, so sign up, they are also free, and take advantage of what Google knows.

Google Adwords can be one of the free SEO tools you add to your SEO toolkit.  Within AdWords, you can find a keyword suggestion tool.  It can be used to find alternative keywords for your website page descriptions.

Google free SEO tools for webmasters will analyze and report on internal site links, external site links, website pages and other SEO tips for improving your website.

Google Analytics will show you where your visitors come from and the keywords they use to find your site.  In order to use this free SEO tool, you'll need to place a little java code on each page of your website.  The analytics reports are very detailed and and an excellent tool full of SEO tips that you can use.

Google Search Based Keyword Tool Word Search  is part of the tool set used to help you find keywords for Google Adwords.  When you search for keywords, it shows alternatives along with website traffic search data.  It might be for adwords, but we think it's one of the best free SEO tools for keyword optimization.

Google Trends  one of the niftiest  free SEO tools.  It's still under development in Google Labs.  Enter up to five keywords and it will show a relative comparison of their popularity with respect to one another over time.  While it doesn't give you absolute traffic data, it will show you which phrase is trending to be more popular and how much better or worse a keyword you may be thinking of using is compared to the other keywords.

Search Google with the following special searches. and will show you the pages with links back to yours and the number of pages in your website.