Free SEO Tools for Search Engine Optimization

This is the short list to improve your SEO.  For more details check out our free SEO Tools and SEO Tips, we use these every day when we do SEO consulting work with our customers.

Get a SEO Coach to help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you want to expedite your results, you should leverage the expertise of a team that does SEO work.  You will receive the right guidance, help and access to their SEO tools learned from their years of experience.  If you need a SEO coach, we can help and have created a program for small businesses which leverages your resources to save on your SEO Cost.  This is our jointly managed SEO program with reduced SEO Pricing plans.

Content is at the top of our Free SEO Tools List 

Content, Content, Content... is on the top or our SEO Tools List and it should be on the top of yours.  It's your business and you should know best how to create the most pertinent content for your business.  Customers and the search bots love good content.  Make sure it's relevant to the page title and includes the keywords your customer use.  For example if you're a florist in Farmington and you want to show up for searches that include "Farmington Florist", your page should include "Farmington Florist" in the page content.   Don't forget the header tag and description. Remember, write the content for your customer, not for you.

Description for Search Engine Optimization

Make sure you write a good description tag for your page.  Remember your writing it for your customer so make it relevant to your page content.  Your the keywords from your page.

Header Tags

Use the actual header tags and not just bold and underline.  Make sure your header tags include the keywords from our site.

Images for Search Engine Optimization

Images are great to break up content and to make your page more appealing, but search engines can't read images yet.  Make sure that every image uses your keyword in the image name and in the image alternate text. 

Link Name Relevance

Make sure you use relevant text in your links and not just click here.  For example if you have fishing web site.  The hyper link should with in the contextual text.  "More on  fishing poles." is better than "More on fishing poles here."

Title Tags

Make sure your title tags include what the page is about, again, make sure you include the keywords for the content on that page.

Test > Track

Test and track you results, than test and track some more.  Use split testing, A/B testing etc. 

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