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School Terms of Use

Please report all issues to the Administrator shown on your WebSites Main page.  Violation of any of these rules will be grounds for automatic removal of the website with the offending information and all it's sub sites.  The user will immediatly have their user account and ID removed from the system.  All personal data and web sites where they are the sole owner will be lost.

Warning!  ALL pages and documents have history revisions tracking, so you WILL BE CAUGHT if you're in violatioin.

Your User account, Id, data, documents and any sites where you are the owner or collaborator will be removed from the service if you:

  1. Use the site for anything illegal.
  2. Your site cannot contain profanity, nudity, violence or any other inappropriate material.
  3. You cannot use your site for phishing.
  4. Your site cannot contain malware, spam or any other kinds of damaging software.
  5. All content posted to your site must be original content and not content copyrighted by others, unless of course you have their express consent to use the content.
  6. You and your team must abide by the Google Sites Terms.
  7. You and your team must abide by the gAdviser Terms of Use.
  8. You and your team must abide by the gAdviser Admin Terms.
  9. You understand that all applications and software are the property of Google.
  10. You may not post advertisments, pay per click or any other type of commercial advertising on your 1st level web sites or any of it's pages.   A 1st level web page is a web site which is linked directly to the school or organizations main page where gAdviser acts as the administrator.  If the primary purspose of the 1st level page is to just point to an advertisement page, again this will be in violation of our terms.  We're just trying to keep the sites clean and free of junk.
If gAdviser is the administrator and own's your schools domain and will maintain the registration of the domain.  Should business conditions change, gAdviser may decide to transfer the domain to the school or organization.  In the rare instance where no one agrees to maintain the domain registration ($20), the domain may get shut down and all data stored will be lost.