Mission: Make your organization more efficient, dynamic and powerful through on-line collaboration.

Websites, spreadsheets, documents and presentations for everyone:

Teachers, Students, Coaches, Parents, Boosters, Alumni...

Build or move your group, club, team or booster site to your school's own page:
  • No Annoying Advertising
  • FlexibleDesigns
  • Designed for communication and sharing
  • Really easy to use, we know your student(s) can figure it out and if not there's  More than helpTM
All for only $25.00* (once for life) or

Your own school site set up for just $200, it can have unlimited users, we can manage it or we'll show you how.
Call us today for a free consultation:
 (248) 798-5544

Safe and Secure

Keep your information private, share it in small groups or let the world see it, you decide.  See Sharing Rules

All applications, including your data, are stored and managed online.   Upgrades to software are automatic and included in the service.  Your own intranet, on a cloud, or share everything with the world. 

Get More than help!TM from our team.

Everyone works together to create powerful team collaboration... and as many sub-sites as you want.  For example, four students could create a site to work on a project that only they can see.
"Work together more efficiently with collaboration tools"
* Please call to discuss details, this fee assumes that gAdviser is already the administrator of a site and is adding one new account and a sub page linked to the main page.  We can set up a new site for your school, for just $200 it can have an number of users.  Want to save more, you can administer it... we'll teach you how. See School Terms of Use

Your Group Site Includes:

One Owner (User) of this site will receive:

Your Site:
  • Linked to your schools main page
  • As many sub-sites as you want to build
  • Your own Intranet
  • Collaboration with anyone anywhere
User Applications includes:
  • Email for
  • Web Sites with cloud collaboration
  • Calendars
  • Documents with cloud collaboration
  • Spreadsheets with cloud collaboration
  • Presentations with cloud collaboration
  • File Document Sharing
  • Web Security and Filtering
  • Talk and IM
  • Internal web pages and management
  • Customizable Start Page
  • and more.
More Users ID's are available see Services

All for only $25.00* (once for life)

For just $200.00* we can set up a new web site for your school.  Every user receives the benefits above.

Call today! (248) 798-5544


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