Open Source Solutions

Open Source Software - The term open source is used to describe software that has been developed by the open community, the public. Software developed under an open source licence is free for personal and business use. Over the last five years open source has increased in popularity both in the home and business. You may already be using an open source product on your computer without even realising it.

Some open source products worth checking out are Firefox (A browser like Internet Explorer, but better - Highly Recommended), Open Office (All the programs available within MS Office), 7zip (Winzip), Thunderbird (Outlook), GIMP (Photoshop).

16) Alternative to Microsoft Office - Why spend £300 on Microsoft Office when you can have a similar system for free. Open Office has Word Processor (Word), Spreadsheet (Excel), Presentation (PowerPoint) applications that can even open documents created in Microsoft Office. (Open Source, see above).
21) Firefox - Is a open source web browser that has a number of benefits over Microsoft Internet Explorer. One of our favourite features of Firefox is the built in spelt spell checker. Another big advantage of the Firefox web browser is the thousands of additional plug-ins that are available.
32) Customer Relationship Manager - Do you need to keep in constant contact with your customers? Are there too many post-it notes stuck to your computer screen or task reminders telling you to ring somebody back? The chances are that you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application like ACT! (Commercial) or Vtiger (Open Source). These systems can keep track of all previous conversations you, or your colleagues, have had with each customer and when the next contact needs to be made.