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open source solutions

Terinea provides open source solutions for the business. We can offer the same level of professional support that you would expect from commercial equivalent products but with all the benefits of open source.

Businesses are either not aware or fully understand the benefits of open source products. We aim to help businesses identify parts of there business that can benefit and then advise on the next steps. Depending on your business skill set we can be involved as little or as much as you like.

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Network Monitoring Systems
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  • Retail & Hospitality Solutions  ( 2 items )

    Retail Solutions

    In today's fast-moving customer service environment, accurate, effective and efficient business control and transactional delivery is critical to the whole retail experience.

    Terinea is an innovative EPoS supplier providing complete retail solutions including software, hardware and support services to a wide range of retailers throughout the UK.

    With a range of systems including JServe, a versatile state-of-the-art Java application for the retail and hospitality environments, Terinea provides cost effective solutions to support and manage the retail process. Solutions that utilise the latest technology and market leading software designed to reduce costs and increase operating and people efficiency whatever the size of the retail operation.

    Perhaps you are seeking a single solution to complement your existing technology infrastructure or perhaps you need a comprehensive, integrated solution across your business or a number of retail locations.

  • eCommerce and Web Site Design  ( 4 items )

    web solutions

    It is important that businesses understand that the boundaries between internal (desktop business software) and external IT systems (Company Web Sites and Email) are becoming more merged.

    The internet is becoming a two way communication medium. Weblogs (Blogs) have given us a push button technology to publishing content on the web with easy. Modern web sites should allow the company, not the web site designers update the site content on the fly with out cost. Intranet and company web site should be seen as a singular business platform.

    In todays era of web 2.0 (What's Web 2.0? ) the static web sites of the 1990's won't cut the mustard. The next generation of customers will not only expect a web presence but a two way experience.