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TrackVia is an online database for storing, managing and manipulating your data.  It's a powerful online application that your team can use from anywhere.

TrackVia Help with Collecting data

Simply your life with web forms that automatically collect your data.

Before TrackVia, businesses were often forced to track information in a combination of spreadsheets and other desktop solutions. Getting these applications to communicate with each other was often a headache - not to mention the inefficiencies it caused.

Our built in features make it easy to collect data using a variety of methods including manual entry, web forms, importing from Excel as well as email.

Using our collect features, you will immediately realize the power of TrackVia's online database with business-critical data living in one powerful database solution.

TrackVia Help to Organize your data

Now that your information is collected in one place, what do you do with it? By giving you powerful tools to organize your information, TrackVia lets you get what you need from your data – more value than you thought was possible!

TrackVia’s easy-to-use features allow you to edit multiple records at once, analyze your data right in your database, and track changes to your data! Combined with our powerful search capabilities, the ability to add images or even to link to another database, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with your information!

TrackVia Help on Sharing

While some applications stop at the Organize step, at TrackVia we know that the real power of your information comes from your ability to share it – with customers, potential customers, employees, vendors, or any other audience important to you.

That’s why we designed TrackVia to streamline many of the time-consuming processes required to communicate with your audiences. You can link TrackVia directly to your website for real-time views, use TrackVia to mail merge fields in your database for an email campaign, or even export into an Excel spreadsheet!

And with the ability to create scheduled distributions and set user permissions, you can control not only who gets access to your information, but also when!

Get help today designing a TrackVia Database for your team!

Database Design Management for:

Here are few examples of how you can use an online database in your business.

TrackVia for Real Estate - manage listings, clients, showings, buyers and commissions in a powerful, all-in-one application.       Configure your database to integrate this information into your websites or give your employees direct access.

Recruiting/HR Agencies – track job applicants throughout the hiring process; report applicant and job opening activities.  We can help you design a relational database or implement one from a preexisting template.

Creative Agencies – track and organize account activities such as video clips and ad copy; share and report results with clients.  If a database doesn't work for you, we can also show you how to use Google Apps to share your internal team information across the web.

Call Centers – Looking to track orders and fulfillment, customer service inquiries and monitor call quality assurance; leverage streamlined reporting to identify trends. Consider a custom database design for your CRM or use one of our existing templates.

Sales Teams - Manage your sales team, track your prospects and understand your sales pipeline.  We can configure your database for your business specifics.

Non-Profits – track donors and contributions, initiate fundraising campaigns and track volunteers. Read a case study.We are amazed at the unique use cases, favorite features and the overall business improvement stories that our customers share with us. Access the free trial and see what TrackVia's database software can do for your organization.

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