Online Database Benefits

Make your data is available to everyone and for all aspects of your business.  We can help you with your database design and receive benefits like this for your business:

  • Collect data from online forms which is automatically entered in your database
  • Share data throughout your organization
  • Send email campaigns to your contact database
  • Make your information available online for your customers

Database Benefits your Business Contact Information

If your company is like most other businesses, you and every employee in your company have many different kinds of contacts: sales leads, customers, vendors, partners, job applicants – and the list goes on.  Each contact’s email address, phone number, mailing address, and notes associated with the record, this adds up to a lot of data and a lot of duplicated data across your organization.

A hosted online database can make your your life easier by simplifying how your team manages your contacts.  Manage emails directly in your database, add file attachments to your database.  You can use contact information for opt-in email list tracking and email campaigns.  An online database also lets you sort, filter, track or tag your contacts into categories and subcategories to analyze and use.  Whether you have a 100 or 100,000, an online database will improve the contact management in your organization.

HR Pros leverage Online Database Benefits

HR professionals everywhere have been waiting for an online database application better track job applicants and job openings.  Powerful database tools help streamline nearly every step of the recruitment process.

Chances are, at this very moment your company has several positions available. With numerous applicants for each position, and a handful of people involved in each hiring decision, the organizational process can be a nightmare!

With an online database,  you can display on your website real-time information on your open positions. Then, you can gather applications through an easy-to-use website form which will automatically populate these submissions straight into your database, including the attached resume or cover letter!

Or, if you have a “careers@” email address to handle job inquiries, link it to you online database so attached resumes and cover letters populate your database automatically! All new submissions will be stamped with a time and date, and are archived for future reference. You can even send out an automated email confirmation from your database.

Are several people in your company – recruiters, supervisors or HR reps – involved in each hiring decision? That’s not a problem!  Online databases allow you to set appropriate permission levels for each user.

CRM Benefits using an online database

Online database features allow you to more effectively track your sales leads through each stage of the process, helping you to convert prospects into paying customers. An online database benefit is that companies can streamline the sales process by tracking customers and can scheduling follow up activities through an integrated calendar feature while receiving up-to-the-minute views of prospect conversion rates.

Are you communicating enough with your customers – and, just as important, how effective is that communication? Database contact email integration features will ensure that all customer emails and leads are fed directly into the database. 

Make your customers feel valued. Organize your CRM process with an online database.

Membership Database Benefits

Move your membership list to a one-stop solution to make communications with your members much easier – whether you’re tracking alumni, donors, volunteers, etc.  You may also want to consider Google Apps for online communication and collaboration sharing.

Most membership databases fail because their information becomes outdated and irrelevant. And it’s hard to place blame, with all the moving parts involved: changing addresses or contact information, adding notes – with new records coming in all the time.

Database website forms and email campaigns will make your life easier. You can sign up new members through a form on your website that links directly to your online database. You can also auto-populate records from a predetermined email address as well as auto-reply to new members from website form submissions.

When it’s time to send an email or newsletter to your members, save time and do it through an online database.

Online Database are Inexpensive and easy-to-use

Say goodbye to paying thousands of dollars to get your database to communicate with your website!

If you want to display real-time information on your website, it’s easy to set up and publish a view in using and online database.  Use it when you update your product catalogue, to post job openings or even to show the latest price of a real-estate property!

Using online form integration into your websites, let you receive data submissions from your website form automatically into your database database. You can also set up an email address that will create automatic records.

If you are like many companies, form submissions from your website are emailed – and more than likely, these messages accumulate until some unlucky soul has to start manually entering the information into a spreadsheet.

With an online database, those records are waiting for you in your database: The records are organized in the fields you established, complete with the option to collect attached files.

Save time. Conserve energy. Stop manually adding records, editing, or cutting and pasting.

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