Online Database Design

Professionals from a variety of industries have turned to online database design to organize and share their information across multiple locations and users.  If you need help with your online database design and management, at gAdviser we'll help create a custom database using TrackVia, Zoho Creator or Intuit QuickBase.  Here are some of the database configuration and database management services we can help you with:
  • Relational database design of tables and relationships 
  • Database field configuration and rules
  • Bulk data upload 
  • Customized views and reporting 
  • Email campaign management
  • Email templates to merge with your documents
  • Existing website integration of views, reports or customer entry
  • Remote access and individual data security 
  • Records can contain, pictures, text, notes... 
  • Help you easily import or export data
  • Scalable to meet your data needs

We can also quote back office data entry with one of our general task virtual workers data entry virtual assistants.

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Database Design Management for:

Here are few examples of how you can use an online database in your business.

Real Estate - manage listings, clients, showings, buyers and commissions in a powerful, all-in-one application.    Configure your database to integrate this information into your websites or give your employees direct access.

Recruiting/HR Agencies – track job applicants throughout the hiring process; report applicant and job opening activities.  We can help you design a relational database or implement one from a preexisting template.

Creative Agencies – track and organize account activities such as video clips and ad copy; share and report results with clients.  If a database doesn't work for you, we can also show you how to use Google Apps to share your internal team information across the web.

Call Centers – Looking to track orders and fulfillment, customer service inquiries and monitor call quality assurance; leverage streamlined reporting to identify trends. Consider a custom database design for your CRM or use one of our existing templates.

Sales Teams - Manage your sales team, track your prospects and understand your sales pipeline.  We can configure your database for your business specifics.

Non-Profits – track donors and contributions, initiate fundraising campaigns and track volunteers. Read a case study.We are amazed at the unique use cases, favorite features and the overall business improvement stories that our customers share with us. Access the free trial and see what TrackVia's database software can do for your organization.

Release your data and break free from the confines of your office and server.

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