Online Applications

18) Company Email Address - You’d be surprised by the number of companies that still use free email accounts such as Hotmail and Yahoo as their primary company email address. For around £20 per year you could have or or something similar (if you have your own domain then you can have multiple email addresses). Companies with their own domain names are regarded as more professional and stable.

19) Online Web Applications - Instead of installing software on your computer, the software application runs from within the web browser. Your files are saved on the web site providing the service (Although you can import/export documents), meaning you can use any computer anywhere in the world to access them. Google Docs and Zoho are good places to start. They allow you to create Spread Sheets, Documents, Presentations and Calendar functions. Gliffy allows you create diagrams and Imagination Cube provides online collaboration tools.
32) Customer Relationship Manager - Do you need to keep in constant contact with your customers? Are there too many post-it notes stuck to your computer screen or task reminders telling you to ring somebody back? The chances are that you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application like ACT! (Commercial) or Vtiger (Open Source). These systems can keep track of all previous conversations you, or your colleagues, have had with each customer and when the next contact needs to be made.

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