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Craig's List Special

Hard to believe?
    No Monthly or Yearly Charges*
Call Now: (248) 798-5544

This is what you get, and we'll set it up for only $50* (That half off!):
  • Your Own Domain >
Like or
  • Your Own Web Site at Your Domain
You'll have your own web site at your domain.  You can build as many pages as you want.  Have a separate page for testimonials, services, contact information... Our website at gAdviser is build using the same technology.

You can assign anyone to help build it for you, or we can help to.  If you can use email you can build the site.  And if not, we would be more than happy to help.  See some examples here.
  • Email for up to five people at your Domain
You and all your employees will have email:  For example Bill's Lawn Service might have a couple of employees and a secretary (Mary).  His team could get:
.... And More
  • Calendars for everyone at your Domain
  • Documents with Collaboration
  •  And much more...
gAdviser can also help with other ideas for your small business.  We can show how to find more customers and list your business on the web.  We can also show you some tools for market analysis. CRM applications, customer service and support software... 

See our other pages for more ideas.

* You will be required to pay a $10 domain fee.  You can make this a recurring payment every year when you domain name expires or pay it every year.  If you don't have a credit card or would like us to manage this for you please give us a call.  Trust us, it's easy enough that you'll want to do it your self.