Local SEO and Google Places

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Are you confused by all the new changes to Google Local not called Google Places?  Are you taking advantage of their new tag feature and/or ad Extensions?  We can show you how to configure these for your business.

The majority of Google Searches are for local products and services.  People are no longer using phone books; they are using search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to deliver them local providers of products and services.  Your business needs front page exposure in returned search results.

Make sure you have a Google Places, Bing Local and Yahoo Local listing for your business.  These listings are free from all three of the big three search engines.  We can help you ensure you have the best content to drive traffic to your business.  These listing can also be coupled with you Google AdWords Campaign and Google Product Listings if you use them.  

What is SEO?  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  These are the tools and techniques to help your business and website improve Google, Yahoo and Bing search rankings to get a front page listing in returned search results.  The same strategies can help your local listing get better search results.

We can help you deliver front page visibility in Google, Bing and Yahoo for small businesses.

“Front Page Results!”

Get Front Page Search Results with orgranic search, maps and or  adwords from www.RichClose.com

We do this by a focused effort on the different search types in the search engines.  We take advantage of local business listings, white hat SEO best practices applied to local information, local maps and mobile device search results.  In addition to the front page results listing, you should also see improved organic rankings for your website.

Our guaranteed Local SEO package includes:

  • Local SEO
  • Local Maps
  • Local Business Directory Placements
  • Search Engine Local Listing Placements
  • Placement in mobile business directory listings
  • Local Business Tracking Reports

Test Your Local Performance – Google Right Now!

How does you business do against your competition?  Is your business on top of the list?

Using Google, enter a search for your product or service category like “florist”, “painter” or “dentist”.  Do not include any other information in the search query, because this is how people search today.

Did your company show up in the organic search results, the Local Map results or the paid AdWords results?  Did your competition?  If they did, and you didn’t, you’re losing important local traffic that we can help with.

Try the same thing in Yahoo and Bing.

Now run the same search again, only this time include your city and state if Google needs it.  For example, “painter farmington mi”, check your results again.

Same answer?  I can help.

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More information on Local SEO and Organic Search Results

At gAdviser we focus on Local SEO search results for your small business, driving new customers to your products and services.  We’ll get you listed in the most popular local search directories including the following:

Local Maps

Have you noticed where Google returns results for Local Maps?  It’s just before the fold at the top of the page, before most of the organic search results!  At Close SEO we’ll work hard to optimize your Local MAP SEO.  An A tag listing is our goal for every customer.  The best thing about Map listings is that they include your phone number, business information and links to your website.  Sometimes this is even better information than what is provided in organic search result snippets.

Google Local Business

Google is the most used search engine with over 60% of the market share.  If your business is not doing well in returned search results for Google that’s 60% of your potential customer base that you are not getting exposed to.  We’ll get you listed in the Google Local Business Directory and well make sure your ad represent your business and the search terms that will drive traffic to you.

Yahoo Local Business

Yahoo is still one of the top three search engines and they have local business listings that you need to be in.

Bing Local Business

Bing is the new search engine creation of Microsoft.  Bing is gaining in popularity and again one of the big three search engines used to return local search results.  Your business also needs to be listed in Bing

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Organic Search Results

Are you getting the most out of your website for local organic search results that may drive you to the front page of organic search?  We’ll help you with local SEO website design, meta-tag optimization, keywords, link referrals and other white hat Google SEO TBD Link strategies to help you get you a top listing.

Business Profile Website Page

If you don’t have a website, that’s not a problem.  We’ll create a detailed business profile website for your business including a detailed, keyword rich description of your company and its services.  Photos of your work or business, a short videos assuming you have opt for the Local Video Ad, hours of operation and a  map to your business.  All of this will help your organic search and gives you another opportunity for a front page placement in search results.

Are You Using Local Video Ads?

Many of the local directories allow you to help pull in additional organic search traffic.  We’ll post your local video ad across the internet using strategic SEO keywords which will reinforce your overall Local SEO strategy driving more traffic to your website and directory profiles.  A video also increases the amount of information available for your prospects to review, increasing the probability for a phone call.  Google SEO and analytics also monitor the amount of time users spend on a website, a video can only help your rankings for this parameter.

It’s easy for you! You can supply us a simple video or we’ll create one for you using information from your website and pictures that you end us.

Need More Information

Feel free to call us at 248-579-5535 for more information about your Local SEO, or click the “Sign Up Now” to get started with a custom program for your business.

Close Local SEO AdWords Add-On

If you are managing your own AdWords account, spending more money than you want, and not getting the results your desire, we can change that for your small business.  We’ll manage your campaign with thousands of new keywords, driving you’re your cost and improving your AdWords traffic.  Increase the potential for a click through to your business website.

Close Local SEO Mobile Ads

How many people do you know with and iPhone or other Web Enabled portable device?  These people are now searching for local businesses and services from their mobile device.  We’ll create a mobile ad campaign focus for your business.  Increase exposure into the wireless domain for you business

Close Local SEO Craigslist Add-On

We’ll design and manage a Craigslist campaign for your business.

Close Local SEO Video Add-On

Add a simple video to your local business profile with very little effort on your part.