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Apple Mac OS Server

Apple Mac OS Server for Business

Step up to OS X Server for your business.  Use Mac's and a Mac Snow Leopard Sever for your business. The world's most advanced operating system finely tuned for your business by our tech team.

  • Security and Simplicity
  • No User License (Unlimited Users)
  • Snow Leopard Server for only $999 on a Mac Mini
  • VPN and iPhone Connectivity
  • Shared files, mail, calendar and other services
  • Lower Cost of Microsoft Exchanger Server

Time Capsule Backup

It couldn't be any easier to back up your server or any of the computers on your network with a wireless time capsule from Apple.  Simple and easy to configure and use.

Here's the Bottom Line on why Mac

from Apple's Web Site:

"When looking at total cost of ownership, it’s clear that Mac computers are priced comparably to PCs. For starters, Mac computers aren’t prone to the 257,000 viruses that plague PCs. For your business, that translates into less downtime and more productivity. And because Mac software and hardware are made to work together, you won’t encounter the crashes and conflicts so typical with a PC. You might miss your IT guy—but you won’t miss the line item on your budget. Overall, business customers tell us that Mac computers last longer, require less tech support, and in the long run, end up costing less than PCs. And when you consider licensing fees on server technology, Mac OS X servers are downright inexpensive."

Connect Your Office

Affordable Server Solution for Your Business. 

Mac or Windows Compatibility

If you have a mixed office, no worries, Mac OS X Server can also be used with your Windows computers.