Jump Start 1500 Pricing 

We’ll Jump Start Your Business with 1500 new impressions or leads for Only $1,495 Guaranteed! * Plus 1000's of free leads or impressions after the first year.

You will also need to commit a minimum of a $40 per month advertising budget for your Google AdWords advertising campaign. This will be paid directly to Google AdWords by you.

You may opt out of the Google AdWords Setup and Configuration. This would save you $300 off of our normal full service of $1,495 for a new total of $1,195. It would also reduce the guaranteed impressions from 1500 to 1200 and AdWords impressions or leads will not be used in any of the performance calculation. You also would not be required to commit to the $40 per month of Adwords advertising since this service will not be setup.

You may also opt out of the Google Apps Setup and Configuration. Remember Google Apps is a free service (10 users) from Google and a great way for your team to have free email and free web site hosting... not to mention the Google Docs collaboration benefits. If you opt out of the Goole Apps Setup, it would save you $300 off our normal full Jump Start 1500 program pricing from $1,495 to a total of $1,195. It would also reduce the guaranteed impressions from 1500 to 1200.

If you opt out of both AdWords and Google Apps, the basic charge is $895 with only 900 impressions or leads guaranteed* in the first year.

gAdviser à la carte Pricing

Contact us for details on any of our services within the Jump Start 1500 Program or for any stand alone consulting or setup for some of our other services.