*Jump Start Your Business Guarantee

After we create all of your listings, websites and services, we guarantee 1500 more leads in the first year over what you've currently been receiving.

New Leads to your business include all impressions and website visits, local listing visits (Places, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook) and new phone calls (documented through AdWords) above your current rate of lead generation.

New leads to your website, local listings (Google Places, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook Page, etc.), AdWords and unique AdWords phone are calculated by taking the total traffic for the 12 months prior to gAdviser starting work on your account and subtracting this total for the first 12 month gAdviser active period, the difference is the new traffic. If you don’t have prior analytic traffic data and/or you don’t immediately enable Google Analytics within 30 days from the start of our service, we will not be able to honor the guarantee because there will not be comparison data. However, we will do our best do document the new traffic that our work generates.

We guarantee 1500 new leads in the first year or we'll manage your Jump Start 1500 program until you get to 1500 new leads (above and beyond your current traffic).  The twelve month period will start the first full month after all new services, listings, AdWords campaign and website work have been completed. You will also need to have funded your adwords campaign ($40 per month) as part of the setup process.

You must agree to install Google Analytics on your existing website and grant us access to your Google Analytics* and Analytics Reports. If you have Google Places*, Bing Local*, Yahoo Local*, Facebook Places* accounts, Facebook Company Profile Page(s)*, Google + Company Profile Page(s)* or websites, you also agree to give us access to those sites so we can create the necessary reports and make the changes.

How do we calculate your current traffic? It will be calculated by taking the total unpaid traffic for the past twelve months for each of the system(s) above*. If no data exists for website trafic, Google Analytics will be installed and tracked for one month (then multiplied by 12 to estimate the yearly traffic) before any of our optimization services begin. We will subtract the previous total from the total generated for our 12 month tracking period and then add our unique AdWords campaign to the difference to determine the total new impressions and leads which were created by our services.

For each of the systems above, an impression / lead is defined as follows:
1) Google Analytics for Website will be Unique Visitors
2) Business Listing Impressions for all Google Place(s), Facebook Company Place(s), Bing Local, Yahoo Local
3) Page views for Facebook Company profile Page(s) and Google Company profile Pages

Note if you choose one of our a la carte plans, the guarantee is prorated as outlined in that plan.