Jump Start Your Business for 2013!                                                         Sales Reps Wanted

Jump Start 1500 - Guaranteed!

We guarantee 1500 new leads in your first year. Guaranteed!* This works out to less than a $1.00 per lead ...

Plus hundreds and maybe even thousands of new FREE leads every year for years to come. These new leads have the potential to bring $1000’s of dollars in new sales with no advertising costs!

We work with you and your team to leverage the most popular methods used today to promote products and services in local and mobile search.  We work local advertisng, social media, SEO and paid search to promote your business and generate organic traffic that pays you back year after year.
In addition, we also setup and manage a Google AdWords campaign to jump start traffic and bring more new customers to your business while we continue to grow your organic traffic. 

You keep everything once our work is done. We are also available for additional training and consulting or to manage your advertising campaigns for as long as you would like.

Jump Start is for Any Business:

Retail Stores
Service Companies
Sales Companies
Medical, Doctors, Dentists, etc 
Franchisee, Franchiser
Law Firms
Real Estate

Jump Start 1500 Pricing Information

We’ll Jump Start Your Business with 1500 new leads for Only $1,495 Guaranteed! *  Plus 1000's of free leads or impressions for years to come.

You will also need to commit a minimum of a $40 per month advertising budget for your Google AdWords advertising campaign. This will be paid directly to Google AdWords by you.  Google Also Charges $50 per user per year for Google Apps.

Here's What Jump Start 1500 Includes:

All services are also available à la carte.

Google Adwords 

Google AdWords Campaign Setup and managed. You will be required to commit $40 per month in advertising to this campaign for the first 12 months.

Google Places

Setup and Optimized for your business

Google Apps

Setup and configure Google Apps for your business
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Email for you and your team YourNames@YourDomain.com
  • Online Calendars for you and your team
  • 5 page SEO Optimized Website or a review of your current website. If you want more pages we can create them for you, but I think you’ll find with Google Apps that it’s so simple to use you will be able to create them yourself... or a review of your current website with SEO suggestions.
  • Mobile Website created in Google Apps mobile website (m.yourdomain.com)
  • Google Apps Docs - Cloud Based Word, Spreadsheet, Presentation
  • Mobile Phone App Access for Everyone

Google Analytics

Now where you customers come from to better understand how to plan your future marketing. We’ll work with your current web designer to setup Google Analytics for you website. The service includes creating a Google Analytics account for you and your team and providing the tracking code for your designer to install on your site. For an additional charge we may be able to install the code for you, it will depend on you website design software and website host.

Account created and setup on your Google Apps Website. Code provided for your webmaster to install on your existing website.

Google Webmaster Tools

Make sure you site is on the Internet and learn from Google Data how to improve you site content and design for improved organic search results.

Bing Local

Setup and Optimized for your business

Yahoo Local

Setup and Optimized for your business

Google + Company Profile Page

Setup a Google + page for your business

Facebook Company Profile Page

Setup a facebook page for your business

Facebook Places

Setup and Optimized for your business

Company Listing page

We list your website on several pages using your SEO optimized keywords to help with your organic SEO rankings.

Other SEO Optimizations

We will also user other proprietary SEO optimization tools to increase Orgranic search results traffic to your website.

Craigslist HTML Formated Advertisement

Craigslist HTML formatted Advertisement to for improved conversions.  Craigslist HTML Example

Periodic Tips and Updated Strategies

You will receive periodic emails on how to improve you Internet presence for improving your business sales, advertising and marketing efforts based on the latest industry trends and news flashes. You will also receive our gAdviser Newsletter.

Technical Support

Email technical support on any questions regarding the setup on the products and services supported above.

Optional Add-Ons

We can help you with many other tasks for your business for and additional charge.
  • Facebook Advertising Campaign
  • Bing/Yahoo Advertising Campaign
  • AdWords continued management
  • AdWords Budget Increase, Increase the advertising budget for your campaign
  • Video Ads for your business
  • Additional Website Pages (or you can create them yourself)
  • Google Analytics Installed on your existing website
  • Training and consultation from our team
  • Continued maintenance of your account on a task basis.
  • Aweber Emailing Marketing Campaign