Google Apps Video Tour

Take a Google Apps Video Tour below.  These videos highlight the features and capabilities of Google's communication and collaboration suite.

We are a Google Apps reseller and offer free Google Apps sign-up for your team (you would still pay the $50/User/Year).  We can also help with configuration, installation and the creation of your sharing space.

Google Apps Quick Tour (1:58)

Here's the short version Google Apps- quick tour.  The video doesn't go into too much detail, after all it's the quick tour.  For more details see the other videos below.

Video discussion Includes

Google Apps - Gmail
Google Apps - Calendar
Google Apps - Docs and Spreadsheets
Google Apps - Using Gadgets
Google Apps - Sites

Google Apps Video Tour (17:45)

Learn about the Start Page, Gmail, Docs and Calendar

Here's a Great Video Tour by the Google Apps Development Manager Rajen Sheth. He reviews the full suite of Google Apps for communication and collaboration.

Video Run Time: 17:45 Minutes

This Google Apps Video Tour contains the following

Google Apps - Start Page
Google Apps - Gmail Overview
Google Apps - Docs like spreadsheets and Collaboration, publishing and sharing
Google Apps - Calendar, resource calendars, features and sharing
Google Apps - Control Panel, Options and Managing Users, Domain Customization, Domain Settings

We can get your team up and running on Google Apps in no time.

Google Apps - Gmail Video Tour (3:31)

Gmail is at the core of Google Apps

Google Gmail - Spam Protection
Google Gmail - 25 gB Storage
Google Gmail - Search using Google's search engine
Google Gmail - Message conversation thread gouping
Google Gmail - Colored Label and Folders
Google Gmail - Priority labeling with stars
Google Gmail - Integrated Google Talk
Google Gmail  - Gmail on mobile phones, gmail on iPhones, smart phones and many other device

Google Sites Video Tour (2:26)

Quickly shows the capabilities of Google Sites, creation, collaboration and communications.  Easily add sites, change content and share with the world.  Watch and learn:

Google Sites - Change Content on web site
Google Sites - Publish Content on web site
Google Sites - Virtual Content for everyone to use
Google Sites - Manage Projects
Google Sites - Add Blog
Google Sites - Imbed documents, presentation, spreadsheets and videos
Google Sites - Scalable to any size organization

Google Video for business: How we use it at Google

Google Video for business 

Upload and share vidoes privately and securely
Video Home Page Videeos in the company
Sharing Vidoes
Videos for Training
Navigate through Videos
Share Interviews 
Download and watch, on portable devices
Find your own uses for Google Video

Google Apps Premier Edition Product Overview - Webinar (47:34)

An in depth Webinar discussing the details of Google Apps:

Google Apps - Solves Business Challenges
Google Apps - What is Google Apps and What's included in premier edition
Google Apps - Communication Challenges
Google Apps - Collaboration Challenges
Google Apps - How to get started

Google Apps Enhanced Security from Postini (5:53)

Postini Google Apps Video tour shows the details of their email security and management system.

Google Apps - Email Security
Google Apps - Policy Management
Google Apps - Message Management
Google Apps - Message Recovery
Google Apps - Mail Quarantine
Google Apps - Content Manager
Google Apps - Common content and message footers
Google Apps - Email recovery

Sound too complicated, not to worry we can help you configure this for your team.

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