Google Apps Testimonials

Testimonials from current GoogleTM customers:
Midwest Realty VenturesChicago-based real estate firmReal estate, North America"Switching to Google AppsTM gave us a rock-solid email solution that our users love. When we roll out any technology that's that simple for us to maintain and universally loved by our staff, that's a win in our books."Camden Daily – Former Director of Technology

Free Range StudiosCreative media design firmProfessional services, North America"We're big on finding better ways to do things, and Google Apps had what we needed. We use Google Calendar so we can all keep up with our people and the places they'll be."Ross Nover – Lead Designer

Providence Restaurant GroupQuick service restaurant chainHospitality, North America"Any company that owns restaurants should be using Google Docs. From a productivity standpoint, I think it's made our company a lot more efficient."Fred Miller – Co-owner

EssilorProducer of ophthalmic optical productsHealthcare, Europe"Google Apps represents a significant advance in collaboration and the consumerization of IT, and it is thus natural for Essilor to seriously investigate Google Apps."Didier Lambert – Chief Information Officer

Sea Change Investment FundEnvironmentally responsible venture fundProfessional services, North America"The response of our users to Google Apps has been great. People are excited to do in the work context what they know and love in the personal context. It's very seamless for folks to switch over."Jason Winship – Managing Principal

SF Bay PediatricsHealthcare, North America"Our doctors don't have the time, budget or experience to manage technology. We let Google do what it does best, so we can do what we do best: help our patients."Andrew Johnson – Chief Information Officer

L'OrealLeader in beauty productsConsumer goods, Europe"L'Oreal R&D has decided to test Google Apps in order to optimize collaboration between its researchers."Jean-Paul Beck – International Director of Information Technology

WaterFilters.netWater treatment products distributorIndustrial goods, North America"Google Apps has made an enormous difference in cost savings and productivity. We are reinvesting our savings in areas that help our business grow, and Google Apps is making us more productive."Dale Olson – Chief Information Officer

District of Columbia GovernmentLocal governmentGovernment, North America"We were looking for a technology that could be scaled immediately, and based on those metrics and the economic value of being able to roll out a technology super fast at a low cost, we decided to go with Google Apps."Vivek Kundra – Chief Technology Officer

TeachStreetOnline teaching marketplaceProfessional services, North America"We have PCs, Macs and Linux machines, so Google Apps was the ideal solution for us. It was quick and easy to set up and we love how effortless it is to work at home, access email and calendars from phones, etc."Dave Schappell – Founder & CEO

2nd Wind Exercise EquipmentExercise equipment retailerConsumer goods, North America"Upgrading our Exchange deployment would have cost us around $225,000. Google Apps including Postini cost us a total of $47,000."Tom Kelly – Chief Financial and Information Officer

Truck MoversTruck transportation servicesProfessional services, North America"Everything is browser-based. When we work at home, we can see the exact same setup that we have at work. It's securely hosted by Google so we don't have anything to backup or manage. We don't have servers anymore."Darryl Shippy – Technology Director

Akeena SolarSolar energy products firmTechnology, North America"As far as cost-savings, there's quite a bit. We haven't had to purchase any servers to manage an Exchange infrastructure and we haven't had to set up VPN access for other offices."Bryan Chun – IT Operations Manager

Trilogy EnterprisesTechnology consultingProfessional services, North America"Our IT department is very small, just four people worldwide, because we've outsourced most of our services. Just on hardware leases for the servers that were running Lotus Notes, we're saving $25,000 per year."Jason Forehand – Senior Engineer

MondadoriGlobal publishing firmPublishing, Europe"With Google Apps, our journalists can really work from everywhere in the world. They only need an Internet connection and good ideas."Marco Mazzei – Editor in Chief

CapgeminiIT services and business consultancyProfessional services, Europe"Now that our agents have shaped Google Apps to call center requirements, they can deliver the highest levels of customer care to our clients."Robbie Brillhart – Vice President of Customer Care & Intelligence

GEDiversified industrial corporationTechnology, North America"GE is evaluating Google Apps for the easy access it provides to a suite of web applications, and the way they help people work together. Google has a natural advantage understanding how people interact online."Gregory Simpson – Chief Technology Officer

Sanmina-SCIElectronics manufacturing firmIndustrial goods, North America"Cost and complexity have until now limited the effective use of video to improve business functions. Google Apps...provides significant opportunities for innovation and saving throughout our global teams."Manesh Patel – Chief Information Officer

Green Power IndiaEnvironmental awareness and sustainability organizationEnvironment, Asia"Google has changed the whole dimension of online communication and documentation. It's added a whole new dimension to the way we use the web."Chandan Singh – CEO

IndoffOffice products distributorIndustrial goods, North America"The migration to Google Apps for email was very simple and painless, and that's exactly what we were hoping for. I foresee the collaboration tools in Google Apps growing in importance for us, too."Shawn Faulkingham – Director of IT

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