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Sync Microsoft Outlook With Google Apps

If you've been hesitating to change to Google Apps because you Love Microsoft Outlook, you fears are over.  With the Outlook Sync tool, you will be able to use Outlook in the office and still see all your data from anywhere using the online Google Apps interface.  Google Apps will now sync Microsoft Outlook, gmail, calendar and contacts.  You'll need the Google Apps Premier Edition and you will a have to download their sync software.  Not sure how to configure this feature, give us a call for Google Apps Help.  

Overview of how to Sync Microsoft Outlook With Google Apps

The following videos will give you an idea of how Google Apps Sync works with Microsoft outlook for email, calendar and contacts. It works seamlessly for scheduling meetings with your business contacts and even allows pictures uploaded to a contact profile to be synced between the systems.  Google might even convert you to their Google Apps interface over time.

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