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Sharing Rules

An overview on site sharing

When a person creates a site for themselves or a team, they decide how that site and the information on it will be shared.  Restrict it to specific users or share it with the world.  The site owner(s) set the permissions for their site:

Owners can:

  • Invite other owners, collaborators, or viewers
  • Change site themes, and layout
  • Change the site name
  • Delete the site
  • Do everything a collaborator can do

Collaborators can:

  • Create, edit, delete pages
  • Move pages
  • Add attachments
  • Add comments
  • Add/remove pages to the sidebar navigation
  • Subscribe to site and page changes
Viewers can:
  • Only view pages

Sites can also be restricted to certain viewers or everyone on your team or the world (no sign in required).

If you want, the administrator for your team can also restrict users ability to share outside the domain restricted by the admin. 

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