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Google Apps for Franchise

Is your franchise growing as fast as it could?

Google Apps Includes:

  • Gmail
  • Talk
  • Calendar

All for only $50 /user/yr

With gAdviser and Google Apps now you can quickly and easily set up an intranet for all your franchisee communication and collaboration.

All for just $50 per franchise user per year.  We can bill your franchisees for their service or you can bundle this as part of your franchise fee.

This is what Lily Sarafan, Chief Operating Office, Home Care Assistance

“We couldn’t have grown so fast if we hadn’t started using Google solutions. They are vital to franchisee success and a cornerstone of our business.”

“Google let us provide our franchise owners with the tools they needed to go from start-up to success with speed and ease – but without significant IT effort or overhead.”

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Here's how franchiser Home Care Assistants uses Google Apps
Taking care of business Franchises provide unique business challenges and opportunities for all involved. For entrepreneurs, a franchise’s established models and infrastructure can reduce risk and jump-start growth. But for the franchisor, setting up that infrastructure can be a daunting task – one that Home Care Assistance (HCA), which provides non-medical home care services for older adults as an alternative to nursing homes or assisted living facilities, resolved by using Google Apps.

HCA COO Lily Sarafan knew all about traditional IT options, but believed there had to be a better way. She was tired of the high cost and low reliability of her existing email solution and IT infrastructure. Her search for a better answer paid off when she learned about Google Apps. An avid Google AdWords™ user, she valued Google’s ability to help franchise owners generate leads and build success. She also trusted Gmail, which she used for her personal email. Based on her positive experiences, she decided to explore building the entire Home Care
Assistance franchise on Google’s business solutions.

Sarafan quickly saw the benefits of implementing Google Apps for messaging and collaboration. “Google let us provide our franchise owners with the tools they needed to go from start-up to success with speed and ease, but without significant IT effort or overhead,” she says.

Easy, integrated collaboration, wherever and whenever people work

Gmail, Talk, Docs, Calendar, and Sites have become the foundation of communication and collaboration among HCA franchisees since the implementation of Google Apps in 2006. Productivity grew as “virtual” teammates shared project plans, spreadsheets, and documents such as site visits and client reports. They also valued the easy connections delivered by Google’s integrated IM options. “New franchisees could simply initiate a group chat and meet everyone in the company in an instant,” Sarafan explains.

Watch Google Apps Video Tour on the communication and collaboration capabilities of Google Apps

Gmail, too, helped users come up to speed quickly, gaining praise for its ease-of-use, grouping of messages and responses, and built-in search capabilities. “We love the conversation view of our email, so we can see messages in context,” says Sarafan. “And, since moving to Google, we don’t have to use a separate interface to access our email. Everything we need is available in one place.” Because Gmail and other Google Apps share a consistent, familiar interface, Sarafan’s new franchisees ramped up with virtually no training.

“We couldn’t have grown so fast if we hadn’t started using Google solutions. They are vital to franchisee success and a cornerstone of our business.”

Lily Sarafan, Chief Operating Officer

Viewing multiple calendars in Google Calendar lets franchisees build schedules across the company, quickly adding events from Gmail or other calendar applications. “Site visits and other events are easy to plan with Google Calendar,” says Sarafan. “Each franchisee is assigned a different color on the calendar so it’s clear at a glance what and who is on the schedule.” She also appreciates the productivity gains from Google Calendar’s automatic reminders and integrated search function.

Once visits and other events are scheduled, Google Docs enhance the teamwork. Sarafan and others simply bring their laptops, take notes, and post them to Google Docs for sharing and follow-up, helping all franchisees learn from each other. Shared access means that multiple team members can add comments and feedback. “With Google Docs, we have living, breathing, evolving documents that keep everyone on the same page,” Sarafan says.

Rich functionality, virtually zero maintenance

Google Sites, included in Google Apps, helped the HCA team build a collaborative intranet that everyone in the company can use. With Sites, franchisees get quick, easy updates on the latest home care news, learn about campaigns and promotions, and share performance results with headquarters. They can also easily access tools to create marketing materials such as brochures and business cards and learn about new business strategies.

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“With Google Sites, new franchisees can go to one place on the web for the latest information,” explains Sarafan. “We don’t have to struggle to remember who has been updated on what and we can get a quick snapshot of each franchisee’s performance. Our intranet also reinforces our brand, creates enthusiasm, and helps grow the business. It’s a useful, fun place where we all interact with each other.”

What’s more, because Google Apps were easy to set up, learn, and use, HCA implemented the solution across the company while keeping their limited IT resources focused on core business infrastructure.

In addition to equipping franchisees with the communications tools they need, Sarafan shares AdWords campaign templates, keyword strategies, and budget guidelines to help her franchisees make the most of their advertising spend. Sarafan also uses Google Analytics to monitor and fine-tune campaign strategies. Once franchisees have AdWords up and running, they take over and maintain campaigns on their own. “AdWords is a great tool to help our franchisees rapidly grow their businesses,” says Sarafan.

As the company grows, Sarafan will keep Google in her corner to enable franchisee success. “People call me the ‘Google Queen,’” she says. “I consider that a huge compliment. We couldn’t have grown so fast if we hadn’t started using Google solutions. They are vital to franchisee success and a cornerstone of our business.”

What they needed
  • To grow a franchise business of hourly and live-in in-home caregivers
  • To give new franchisees quick, up-to-date access to information
  • To provide email to franchisees without IT overhead
  • To share documents and get everyone on the same page immediately
  • To jump-start franchisees’ online advertising efforts to boost their success
What they did
  • Set up entire company on Google Apps to provide instant-on communication and collaboration solutions for franchisees
  • Used Google Sites to create a collaborative intranet for all franchisees
  • Leveraged Google AdWords to generate business company-wide
What they accomplished
  • Succeeded nationwide: Quickly grew revenues 15-fold
  • Lowered cost: Provided core communication and collaboration tools with virtually zero IT overhead
  • Improved communication: Made information readily accessible to franchisees in one convenient place
  • Built platform for international expansion: Opening a new office internationally is as easy from a technology perspective as adding on new users
The excerpts and case study on this page was taken from a google case study and is a copyright of Google.   See full case study below.

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