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Getting Started with Google Apps

Here's what we do:

Step 1: We sign your organization up for Google AppsTM 

a) With our help, you choose the appropriate edition for your company or organization type (you can always upgrade later):
  • Premier Edition for business, uptime guarantee for email service, 25 gigabytes of email storage per user, integration APIs and phone support for critical issues. Premier Edition is $50 per user per year.
  • Education Edition includes many of the benefits of the Premier Edition, and it's is available for free to schools with a ".edu" domain and non-profit organizations.
  • Non-Profit Edition of Google Apps

b) We''ll help you choose a domain name and reserve it for your organization, if you already have a domain, we can use that for your new Apps.  Google charges a recurring $10 monthly charge for this domain.

c) We'll sign your business up for Google Apps, create user ideas for your team and help get them up and running.  

d) We can continue to administer your Google Apps for you or show you and your staff how to access the administrative control panel at and set it up for your team.

Step 2: We'll need to verify your domain ownership

If we pulled your domain in Step 1b above, Step 2 is already done, otherwise we'll need to verify that your organization owns the domain, this can be done a couple of different ways:

  • We'll help you upload a special file to your site or
  • We'll help you create a special CNAME record at your domain
Theses are used by Google to make sure your organization owns the domains.

Step 3: We'll Customize Google Apps for your team
  • Upload your logo via the control panel so it appears on the sign-in page and applications.
  • Set up custom sign in page addresses, like and
  • Configure the Start Page for your organization.
  • Integrate Google Apps with your existing IT infrastructure

Step 4: Create your user accounts

Create one or as many user accounts as your organization needs.  You can have thousands of user ID's

If you want to add more later, we'll show you how or we can add them for you.

Step 5: Migrate data and turn on email

Configure your domain's Mail Exchange records to activate email delivery.  MX records determine where email to your domain is routed. Each domain hosting company has a different process for changing MX records, we'll figure out how to get them changed for your domain.  Please note it can take up to 48 hours for your MX record changes to take effect.

If you sign up for our monthly support services, we'll help your team upload their email... they won't need to leave it behind.  

There are also tools available to migrate your existing email.  Google recommends the following migration timing.

Step 6: Deploy Google Apps

Now that we've created your user accounts and activated your services, it's time to help your users get started with Google Apps. We'll help you communicate and deploy this to your organization with email notification, links to training presentations and best practice tips.

  • Notify your users of the change to Google Apps and give them the usernames and passwords that were set up in Step 3.
  • Help you direct your users to the sign in pages for your Google Apps services
  • Share helpful tips and tricks with your users (if you've signed up for ongoing support)

Step 7: gAdviser Support

Where there for you after the install too, ongoing support and training are available for your team.  Get tips and plain old fashioned help on any questions your team may have.

Call us today!  You won't find a more affordable Google Apps Reseller.

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