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Frequently Asked Questions 

Help Guides (See Attachments Below)

At the bottom of this page are some Help Guides (PDF attachements) we've created for help some commonly asked questions.
1) How to Login for new users
2) How to Forward your email to a different email account

Google Apps Support Pages 

Free online help Videos!

We've looked around and found these useful videos.  They should help you get going in using your new applications:

Start with this: Overview of all your applications (Turn on your computer speakers)

Apps YouTube Channel

gmail Help

Gmail Getting Started Video (You Tube Video)

How to search you emails (You Tube Video)

How to Forward Gmail emails 

Calendar Help

Schedule a meeting

Share a calendars

Documents Help

Sharing Docs online

Import files into Docs

Export files from Docs

Automatic revision history in Docs

Sites Help

Create a new site

Edit a Site Page

Embed your content in sites

Edit and Collaborate on a site with others

Display a calendar on your site

Google Analytics

How do I grant other users access to my Analytics Reports

Google Adwords Help

Where do I find my Google AdWords Customer ID

Google Content Network Best Practices