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Google AdWords Campaign Ad Scheduling

It's no problem in Google AdWords management to set up campaign ad scheduling.  For each of your Google AdWords campaigns you can decide by day and by hour when you want your Google Ads to display.  This allows you pause your campaign on weekends or during your closed business hours.

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For example:

Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Saturday 8:00 am to 12 noon
Sunday Off

Before you make your decision to turn off your ad campaign, you should consider these questions:

1) The Internet is open 24-7, people will run searches around the clock which will send traffic to your site and ultimately your business.  People may right down your number or book mark your site for future reference.  If your ads are not running, you'll miss that opportunity.

2) If you don't have Google Analytics Management, running on your web site, you should.  Under Visitor Trending, it can show you your visitor count by the hours and by paid or unpaid referrers.  Using the conversion tools, this would give you an indication if these customers are actually buying.

3) If you have a shopping cart running on your web site, a customer can make a purchase on the web site even if your retail store or business is not open.  Are you getting any shopping cart purchases?  Are these during normal business hours or after hours?

4) Are you receiving emails or emailed form completions during your off hours or on weekends?  Again this may indicate your Google AdWords are generating traffic for your business that will ultimately lead to new customers.

Understand, we are not trying to sell AdWords here, we don't get paid for that, we just want you to understand the potential loss in new customer traffic if you decide to impose a schedule for you Google AdWords. 

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