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ZOHO CRM Work Flow Management

Workflow Rules are customizable and integrated into Zoho CRM. They empower your team to automate your sales, marketing, support processes, in which the records are assigned or transferred from one user to another for action, according to a set of predefined rules. The key benefits of Workflow management are improved efficiency by eliminating many unnecessary steps in updating records, better process control by improved business process through standardizing working methods and reduced operating costs.

Zoho CRM enables Lead Assignment rule in Lead management for assigning leads generated through import or web integration to the sales reps based on different criteria (region, country, company, etc.) automatically. Another workflow rule in the Opportunity management is Big Deal Alert. This rule is triggered when the sales amount and probability of winning business deal crosses a significant value which can be notified to the management and other colleagues in your team.

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Key Features

  • Set up lead assignment rules to automatically assign leads to the sales people in your sales organization
  • Alert the intended audience in your organization when a big deal closes or is in near completion state
  • Associate activities (tasks) to the workflow rules so that new tasks are created for the users when sales, marketing, support, and orders related records are created/modified.
  • Set up email notifications with predefined email templates so that upon triggering a workflow rule, predefined email notification will be sent to all the recipients.

Free CRM trial for up to three users - Call to get started