Free CRM Software from gAdviser - Integrated into your Goole Apps Installation

gAdviser Free CRM and Google Apps

Free CRM from gAdviser leverages Google Apps for your team! We install and integrate it within your companies Google Apps account. Unlike everything else on the market which leverages a third party CRM system, Free CRM works within your Google Apps Space.

Why do we call it Free CRM?

First off we don't charge for the software,  it's free!*  Unlimited users and no monthly fee.   All other hosted CRM systems from $12 to $100's per user per month.  

It's based on a Google Apps Spreadsheet with scripts so your team can fully collaborate on the same spreadsheet from anywhere in the world with any kind of Mac, PC or mobile device.

*All this for a one time installation charge of only $99 per new installation**.

**Installation charges apply for new installation or for each new version release installation.  Training help and customization charges are extra.

What's the catch to our Free CRM?

No catch, it's just a really simple Google Documents spread sheet which integrates Google Apps and Google Scripts. It's not complicated or sophisticated, but it gets the job done for small sales organizations.  Review the Free CRM Instruction Manual for a detailed list of our Free CRM features.
  • Unlimited users with no monthly charge
  • Contact Details Sheet
  • Potentials Sheet
  • Task Sheet
  • Mass email template sending to all your contacts
  • Create email templates to send to potentials or tasks
  • One time contact entry copies to your gmail contacts
  • Link to other Google Apps Documents
  • All emails sent from CRM are in your Google Apps Gmail
  • Archive Closed Contacts, Potentials or Tasks
  • Easily configured (with limitations) for your team
  • Google Saves every version of your data in Google Docs

Need custom scripts for your teams specific work flows, we can write them for you!