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Google AdWords for Accountants

There are millions of of searches in Google each month for "Accountants".... are they finding your accounting firm?

Potential clients are searching for your accounting services on Google.  How can you make them aware that you’ve got the expertise that they’re looking for?  The trick is to direct their attention to your business.  By placing advertisements on search results pages, and optimizing those advertisements to appear high on the list of search results, you can ensure that your services directly meet searchers' demand.

Google AdWords for Accountants!  Easy, affordable and effective online advertising that helps you connect with potential clients who are in need of your services.

Learn more about gAdviser Management of Google Adwords for your accounting firm.  We can help you with client lead generation:
  • Personal
  • Business
  • Tax Advice
  • Bookkeeping
               and much more...

Trying search marketing for the first time doesn't have to be a financial burden.  For just a few dollars a day we'll help you manage your Google advertising AdWords pay per click (PPC) campaign.  We can also work the process of pre-qualifying these these leads with a questionaire you provide or reply with responses based on a set of business rules.

AdWords Features for Accountants

  • Advertise to the clients that matter most.
  • You determine your advertising budget.
  • Quickly be on the front page of search results for Accountants
  • Run ads only in the specific cities or states you practice in.
  • Display your ad for free. Pay only when a potential client responds to your ad by visiting your website (PPC).
  • No website? No problem... We can quickly and easily create one for you using Google Apps

Building effective websites, marketing, and optimizing them requires expertise.  Providing this expertise is exactly what gAdviser does for your accounging firm, providing high-value results for Accountants with Google AdWords.

We will build an online Search Engine Marketing campaign to drive traffic to your existing website, or build you a website if you don't have one already.  The campaigns we build and manage will be tailored directly to your business objectives and targeted to your potential customers; locally, regionally, statewide, or nationally.  You'll be able to track your results a single, consolidated report that will describe your campaign's performance.

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