Content Network Ad Campaign Best Practices

When creating a content ad campaign to run on Google AdWords, you should follow these best practices as outlined by Google:

  1. Separate your ad campaigns, one for search and one for content.  You should separate goals defined for each one of these.
  2. Use the site-exclusion tool to focus on sites which match your content ad campaign goals.
  3. Set your bids at the ad group level and not the keyword level.
  4. Base each ad group around a single specific theme.
  5. Test different ad formats (text, image, video and gadget).
  6. Point all ads in a particular ad group to the same destination URL
  7. Create short keyword lists
  8. Use negative keywords.
  9. Write compelling, specific ads, that take action and offer something now.
  10. Do not create different destination URLs per ad group.
  11. Avoid bidding at the keyword level.
  12. Never use keyword matching options
  13. Refrain from including both singular and plural keywords.
  14. Try to have short keyword lists, less than 50 keywords per ad group.
  15. Do not create just one ad group per campaign.
  16. Don't choose generic landing pages for each ad group.